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Asemic Meditation Characters Series

Single-object focused meditation is a unique form of meditation practice where the practitioner hones their concentration on a singular point of focus. This focus could be a specific object or an aspect of one’s sensory experience.

This digital interpretation work is deeply rooted in this Buddhist concept of single-object meditation. The characters featured in this series are not just random markings, but are carefully extracted from the asemic writing found in a multitude of my previous paintings.

Over the years, I have crafted thousands of these asemic writing characters. Initially, they were used as texture or patterns, subtly contributing to the composition of a larger artwork. However, upon revisiting these works, I began to see these improvised characters in a new light. They emerged as beautiful, standalone notes within a symphony, each carrying its own weight and significance within the composition.

These characters are devoid of inherent meaning, making them an ideal focal point for meditation. They allow the meditator to concentrate on the concept of emptiness, freeing them from the constraints of definition or attachment. This focus can be maintained while repeating a mantra or engaging in mindful breathing.

While the colors used in the characters may hold symbolic significance in certain Buddhist traditions, they are not intended to be the primary focus during the meditation practice. Instead, they serve as a visual enhancement, adding depth and dimension to the meditative experience.

In essence, the Meditation Characters Series is more than just a collection of digital artworks. It is an exploration of the intersection between art and meditation, a journey into the realm of mindfulness, and a testament to the transformative power of single-object focus.

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